Ezra Weston Loomis Pound- The House Of Splendour

Tis Evanoe’s,

A house not made with hands,

But out somewhere beyond the worldly ways

Her gold is spread, above, around, inwoven;

Strange ways and walls are fashioned out of it.

And I have seen my Lady in the sun,

Her hair was spread about, a sheaf of wings,

And red the sunlight was, behind it all.

And I have seen her there within her house,

With six great sapphires hung along the wall,

Low, panel-shaped, a-level with her knees,

All her robe was woven of pale gold.

There are there many rooms and all of gold,

Of woven walls deep patterned, of email,

Of beaten work; and through the claret stone,

Set to some weaving, comes the aureate light.

Here am I come perforce my love of her,

Behold mine adoration

Maketh me clear, and there are powers in this

Which, played on by the virtues of her soul,

Break down the four-square walls of standing time.


Una Risposta to “Ezra Weston Loomis Pound- The House Of Splendour”

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