115. Adam Weirauch

I was crushed between Altgeld and Armour.

I lost many friends, much time and money

Fighting for Altgeld whom Editor Whedon

Denounced as the candidate of gamblers and anarchists.

Then Armour started to ship dressed meat to Spoon River,

Forcing me to shut down my slaughter-house,

And my butcher shop went all to pieces.

The new forces of Altgeld and Armour caught me

At the same time.

I thought it due me, to recoup the money I lost

And to make good the friends that left me,

For the Governor to appoint me Canal Commissioner.

Instead he appointed Whedon of the Spoon River Argus,

So I ran for the legislature and was elected.

I said to hell with principle and sold my vote

On Charles T. Yerkes’ street-car franchise.

Of course I was one of the fellows they caught.

Who was it, Armour, Altgeld or myself

That ruined me?



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