103. Georgine Sand Miner

A step-mother drove me from home, embittering me.

A squaw-man, a flaneur and dilettante took my virtue.

For years I was his mistress no one knew.

I learned from him the parasite cunning

With which I moved with the bluffs, like a flea on a dog.

All the time I was nothing but «very private» with different


Then Daniel, the radical, had me for years.

His sister called me his mistress;

And Daniel wrote me: «Shameful word, soiling our beautiful


But my anger coiled, preparing its fangs.

My Lesbian friend next took a hand.

She hated Daniel’s sister.

And Daniel despised her midget husband.

And she saw a chance for a poisonous thrust:

I must complain to the wife of Daniel’s pursuit!

But before I did that I begged him to fly to London with me.

«Why not stay in the city just as we have?» he asked.

Then I turned submarine and revenged his repulse

In the arms of my dilettante friend. Then up to the surface,

Bearing the letter that Daniel wrote me,

To prove my honor was all intact, showing it to his wife,

My Lesbian friend and everyone.

If Daniel had only shot me dead!

Instead of stripping me naked of lies,

A harlot in body and soul!



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