19. Daisy Fraser

Did you ever hear of Editor Whedon

Giving to the public treasury any of the money he received

For supporting candidates for office?

Or for writing up the canning factory

To get people to invest?

Or for suppressing the facts about the bank,

When it was rotten and ready to break?

Did you ever hear of the Circuit Judge

Helping anyone except the «Q» railroad,

Or the bankers? Or did Rev. Peet or Rev. Sibley

Give any part of their salary, earned by keeping still,

Or speaking out as the leaders wished them to do,

To the building of the water works?

But I Daisy Fraser who always passed

Along the streets through rows of nods and smiles,

And coughs and words such as «there she goes,»

Never was taken before Justice Arnett

Without contributing ten dollars and costs

To the school fund of Spoon River!


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